8 Mar 2014

Uttarakhand GK Quiz-3 (History of Uttarakhand)

Uttarakhand General knowledge Quiz on History of Uttarakhand for Upcoming Recruitment Exams.

Quiz-3: History Of Uttarakhand
Kedarnath Temple

1. Kedarnath Temple was Built By:
A.    Chands
B.    Katyuris
C.    Pandavas
D.    Panwars

2. Uttarakhand was known as______in Vedic Period:
A. Himavats Khand
B. Kedarkhand
C. Manas Khand
D. Hemwant

3. Who was the founder of Katyuri Dynasty?
A. Nimber Dev
B. Basant Dev
Rock edict of Ashoka, Kalsi
C. Lakhan Pal Dev
D. Subhiksh Raj Dev

4. Archeological Evidences of Ashoka’s period was found in:
A. Srinagar
B. Kalsi
C. Kedarnath
D. Dehradun

5. Almora Congress was founded in: 
A. 1911
B. 1912
C. 1919
D. 1914

6. “Almora Akhbar” was published in:
A. 1771
B. 1871
C. 1971
D. 1981

7. Gurkha Empire was established in Kumaun in:
A. 1790
B. 1792
C. 1815
D. 1819

8. In which one of the Puranas Kedarkhand and Manaskhand are Described:
A. Shiv Puran
B. Skand Puran
C. Vayu Puran
D. Visnu Puran

9. Dola Palki Andolan of Tehri was related to?
A. Brahmans
B. Rajputs
C. Islam
D. Shilpkars

10. The Name of Garhwal in Skand Puran is?
A. Kedarkhand
B. Manaskhand
C. Himwant
D. Kubjabhra

11. State Symbol of Emperors of Chandra’s dynasty?
A. Horse
B. Cow
C. Fish
D. Moon

12. The capital of Katyuri Kings was:
A. Katyur
B. Mussoorie
C. Baijnath
D. Almora


1 C
7 A
2 D
8 B
3 B
9 D
4 B
10 A
5 B
11 B
6 B
12 C

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